‘Together Everyone Achieves Excellence’

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Peak has four registered Independent day schools

Students needs at the heart of every bespoke learning plan

Striving to push all our students academically

Able to meet the 6-day provision for placing excluded students

Adventure activities and fun embedded into academic curriculum

Highly trained staff support students facing personal challenges

Students need to be engaged and supported, to help them become receptive to mainstream education. Our holistic Engagement Programmes are the foundation for the successful delivery of our individual learning plans. Each plan is tailored to the individual’s needs, aspirations and abilities, developed in partnership with Local Authorities, parents and other supporting agencies.


We gradually re-introduce a National Curriculum-based education, working to the individual’s capabilities to give them the best opportunities for success and attainment.


Vocational courses provide training and qualifications related to specific jobs and sectors, such as engineering, health and social care, construction, retail and many more.


From hiking and climbing to sailing and archery, we use a broad range of activities to restore self-esteem, build resilience and improve social skills.


Four registered Independent day schools, helping students to get the most out of education and overcome social, emotional and emotional barriers. We use academic, vocational and adventure programmes to build confidence and self-worth, making mainstream learning accessible to all.