About us

About Us

Peak Education have four registered independent day schools in Cannock, Gailey,  Stoke-on-Trent and Audley, and six learning facilities and adventure centres in the North West, North East and West Midlands.

We are registered with the Department for Education and inspected by Ofsted. All staff are specially trained to work with young people facing social, emotional and mental health challenges and life changing circumstances. They know how to engage, inspire, safeguard and de-escalate situations for everyone’s safety and to keep young people in education.

Students who have completed their school careers with Peak Education have gained vocational and National Governing Body qualifications to support a variety of employment and training paths. This includes: reintegration to main stream education, employment as instructors at outdoor activity centres, further training, college placements and direct employment.

Our Ethos

‘Together Everyone Achieves Excellence’


We help young people who have difficulties accessing mainstream education.

We achieve this by building their confidence and skills to help them overcome personal challenges and become happy, healthy members of the local community.


Our Approach

Students need to be motivated and supported, to help them become receptive to mainstream education. Our holistic Engagement  Programmes bring down barriers, enabling us to gradually re-introduce qualification-based learning that is aligned to the National Curriculum.

Working in partnership with parents, Local Authorities and a range of agencies, we place the students at the centre of our organisation and all decisions affecting the student. Our learning plans are tailored to the individual’s needs and capabilities to ensure they reach their full potential, while being given the best opportunity for success.

Academic programmes are enriched by adventure and fun, which are embedded throughout our vocational and National Governing Body curriculum. 

See below for the range of ways we deliver our curriculum..


We gradually reintroduce a National Curriculum-based education, working to the individual’s capabilities to give them the best opportunities for success and attainment.


Vocational courses provide training and qualifications related to specific jobs and sectors, such as engineering, health and social care, construction, retail and many more.


From hiking and climbing to sailing and archery, we use a broad range of activities to restore self-esteem, build resilience and improve social skills.

Intensive Support

Our intensive support programme offers a high staffing ratio with a bespoke programme of education tailored to students individual needs. These programmes are best suited to students with, or pending, Education and Health Care Plans. The school can target specific areas of difficulty and rapidly address any fundamental learning which may have been missed or not retained.

Universal Provision

Our universal provision supports students to re-engage in a mainstream style education, suitably differentiated to their needs. In groups of up to 5 other students, our universal groups follow a timetable of Educational, Vocational and Adventurous activities. Referrals to our universal provision can be full or part time days. Universal provision students benefit from 2 key workers to support them to be successful across our broad curriculum.

Home Tuition

Sometimes students require high quality intervention in the home. This could be to re-engage them in education, transition between schools or even working towards completing specific qualifications in an anxiety free environment. Home tuition is delivered in 2 hour blocks per day and can compliment other provisions or be implemented as a short term intervention whilst seeking the right placement.