Learning Support

Mutual respect and teamwork underpin the values we promote every day. With a clear and consistent system of rewards and sanctions, we keep everybody safe and focussed on reaching their full potential

All Peak Education staff are specially trained to work with students facing social challenges and life changing circumstances. They know how to engage, inspire and deescalate situations for everyone’s safety and to keep students in education.

Behaviour and contribution

Our Behaviour Policy reflects and underpins the ethos and principles of Peak Education. We involve our students heavily, regularly discussing the standard of behaviour expected and prompting them to reflect on what it means to be a positive, diplomatic member of their community.

Rewards and sanctions

A clear and consistent system of rewards and sanctions are in place, clearly communicated to all staff, students and parents. We work with each students potential by supporting them to understand their emotions and step outside their comfort zones into new experiences and recognise the benefits of good work. We achieve this, in the main, through our Behaviour, Success, Effort and Timeliness (BEST) point programme. Our students have a reward programme, set and agreed with their education manager and teaching staff, which suits their needs. This might include a reward per session, per day, per week or per term. Students then attain points for their Behaviour, Success, Effort and Timeliness each session of every day. Rewards include:

  • Additional adventure activities
  • Trips out (Cinema, Bowling, Zoo etc)
  • High street vouchers