Beyond The Classroom

At Peak Education we believe that as well focusing on classroom based learning it is important for our students to get out and make use of their endless energy. To help with this we tailor our timetables to include time doing the adventurous activities below:


provides the opportunity to tap into the mind and body’s limitless potential, enabling students to challenge themselves further by completing increasingly complex routes. Even when a route is completed, climbers will continue to tackle more challenges with even greater difficulties.


An outdoor activity designed to challenge students and test their limits. All aspects of health and safety are covered including rope work to compliment climbing activities. This gives a sense of achievement and a boost to self confidence.


This activity encourages teamwork, communication and shared accomplishment. Participants will learn and develop many skills including leadership, navigation, meteorology, cooking, trouble shooting and craft care along with rope and line work.


Individual kayaks that can be used on both canals and rivers. A challenging activity that usually offers a competitive edge due to the levels of independence involved. You will develop a range of paddling skills and health and safety awareness.


Larger open boats that are often paddled by a pair. This offers a variety of paddling techniques and different roles within the boat. It also greatly encourages teamwork and communication.


This incorporates map reading skills and knowledge of the area as well as keen observational skills. It also fosters team work and camaraderie. 


An activity that is somewhere between hill walking and climbing. It is a fun challenge and encourages students to navigate their way under, over and through various rock formations. Participants are encouraged to use teamwork, trust, communication and coordination skills.

Hill Walking

This takes students out of their usual surroundings and encourages environmental awareness and responsibility. Communication, navigation, the countryside code and weather are encompassed in this activity.

Mountain Biking

Much more advanced than simply riding a bike. This will teach students about the safety check and adjustments they should make and different techniques for riding over varying terrains. There are also aspects of bike mechanics involved in the process.


Archery encourages coordination, self awareness, safety and responsibility. Archers learn to maintain focus, avoid distractions and constantly improve their skills.