Student School Meals – What are we doing?

Free school meals..

We are sure you will of seen the coverage of the free school meal campaign in the press over the last few weeks. Here at Peak, we have always ensured that our students don’t go hungry. No child should have to go through the day with hunger pains! This is why, as we get into the colder months, we are continuing to ensure that no student goes without their lunch.
Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, staff have supported students and their families daily by ensuring that, even when students could not attend school they, have had their meals dropped off to them.
We will continue to support our students throughout the winter months, including issuing vouchers over the October half term, to ensure no
student goes hungry.
Empty stomachs should not be heard of in 2020! We stand with the millions of other people fighting to ensure that no child goes hungry by continuing to do our bit for the 100s of students we have throughout the midlands.